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#1 Pea Landry, RB/DB


Position: RB/DB
Date of Birth: 01/28/2016
Height: 5' 4"   Weight: 145 lbs
Resides: Houston, Tx


Educational Background

Madison High School
University of Houston Bachelors of Science Sociology, Minor in Health

Career Background
Professional Basketball Player, Iceland, Keflavik
United Parcel Service, Full-time Package Delivery Driver
Non-profit, skills trainer for less fortunate young ladies (basketball)

Tell us about your family
I have two of the best parents, been married 25 years. Dad played for the Cleveland Browns. Three siblings 2 sisters and 1 brother. I have a girlfriend, two handsome young boys.

Hobbies/Interesting Things About You:

Playing basketball, lifting weights, movies and anything that's positive

Tell Us What The Phrase: "Real Women, Real Football, Real ENERGY" means to you:


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0 Maria Hodges DL/OL
0 Danielle Nicole DB
1 Pea Landry RB/DB
2 Nephyria Franklin WR/DB
3 Katelyn Rhodes RB/WR
3 Kennedi Williams WR/DB
4 Jessi Kopp QB
5 Christina Jaques QB
6 Tysha Bankett QB
7 Deshon Whitfield WR/DB
8 Valerie Ruiz DB
9 Cassidy Reyes WR/DB
10 Bee Bland FB/LB
11 Cindy Prejean DB
12 Samaria Charles WR/DB
13 Sarah Mgbeike WR
14 Goldie Nwanne DB
15 Jay Jones LB
16 Carla Rivas RB/WR
17 Meredith Clary DL/TE
19 Ariel Gilliam LB
20 Brenda Gaines DB
20 Shelslie Lorenzo DB/LB
21 Darien Price WR
22 Erica Criswell FB/LB
23 Leia England CB/WR
24 Cassie Caillouet Bearden RB
25 Latoya "Blue" Johnson DB
26 Ty Turner FB/LB
27 Maria Tolbert DB/LB
28 Jasmine Jackson WR/DB
29 Simone Johnson WR/DB
31 Giovanni Rakestraw DL/OL
32 Emeral Ford DL/OL
33 Tonya Nickerson LB
34 Cat Strong LB
35 Yvette Ramos DL/LB
36 Khadejha Dubose DB/LB
37 Nicole Rogers LB
38 Trechelle "TJ" Payton LB/DE
40 Aisha Thomas RB/DB
41 Qiara Allison RB
42 Alaja Butler LB/DE
43 Samantha Vasquez FB/LB
44 Kaela Morales FB/LB
45 Shannon Foreman FB/LB
47 Caitie Szanyi LB/DE
51 Amanda Williams DB/LB
52 Desiree Ricketts DL/OL
54 Jazzmene Smith DL/OL
56 Nicole Cadoree DL/OL
60 Wendy McCollum Childs DL/OL
65 Treneka Taylor OL/LB
69 Marissa Mignon DL/OL
72 Jessica Brooks DL/OL
73 Frekiva Bailey DL/OL
75 Lesley Reyes DL/OL
79 Kathryn Chapman DL/OL
80 Jennifer Thomas TE/LB
81 Shelby Wickens WR
82 Jackie Necroto DL/TE
83 Tiffiany Gatson LB/CB
85 Myeosha Williams WR
87 Annette Guerrero DL/OL
88 Victoria Lovelady WR/DB
89 TK Lafluer DB
90 Quad Smith DL/OL
94 Sholann Ajayi DL/OL
96 Michelle Henderson OL/LB
99 Mariah Ybarbo DL/OL

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