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#30 Suzie Garrett, FB/LB


Position: FB/LB
Date of Birth: 01/28/2016
Height: 5' 6"   Weight: 165 lbs
Resides: Houston, Tx



My name is Susetta Garrett, but alot of people call me Suzie or Sweet. I have 3 kids two girls and a boy whom I hold so dear to my heart. I have an Associates degree in Criminal Justice hoping to become an Investigator or parole or probation officer. I also have went to school for Medical Insurance Billing and Coding as well graduared in May 2016. I drive school buses for Fort Bend area schools.

I enjoy playing sports from football, basketball, and volleyball. I love to workout and write raps. I love being a people person listening to others problems and trying to find resolutions for them. I love being a role model for young kids motivating them to become somethig theyare proud of. 

Tell Us What The Phrase: "Real Women, Real Football, Real ENERGY" means to you:

Real women, Real football means that no matter what you go through and/or dealing you can overcome the circumstances. Even though you dealing with the issue, you come to practice ready to work and give 100%. REAL WOMAN handles her business and strive for the best. Real football you coming to encounter a second family but you come ready to do whatever it takes to succeed and win. Blood, sweat, and tears. Getting that second wind and digging inside knowing with just a little more energy and heart you can surpass what you didnt or haven't done and do it. Win a Championship....

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