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#36 Ashley Nichols, LB


Position: LB
Date of Birth: 01/29/2016
Height: 5' 5"   Weight: 145 lbs
Resides: Rosharon, Tx


Educational Background :

Graduated from Hightower High school 2006

Career Background:

 served 6years in US Army and now a auto adjuster for Geico. I played over seas basketball with Germany and also with the US Army.

Tell us about your family:

mother works at St Lukes Hospital for 19years and my father was born in Gary,IN and is a Merchant Marine. I have a sister Brieana who also works for St Lukes Hospital and a model.

Hobbies/Interesting  things about you:

I love sports, I have been loving sports since I started walking, my dad was a track star in his days and my mom was a basketball l, volleyball, track, and softball star. Doctors told me I would never play any sport ever again because of my injuries. March 15,2008 I was struck by a drunk driver in Watertown,ny while I was serving my country. I had multiple injuries and know one knew that I will ever walk again.

Tell us what the phrase "Real Women, Real Football, Real Real Energy means to you":

this quote is for the women that put 100 through everything and is dedicated to there self as women, mothers, students and as players. Being a woman in the US is very hard and people think that women can't do what men do. I think this quote is the understanding of strong women.

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