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#15 Jay Jones, LB


Position: LB
Date of Birth: 02/27/2014
Height: 5' 5"   Weight: 145 lbs

Educational Background:
Bachelors of Arts Communications- Public Relations 
Career background:
High School teacher
Tell us about your Family:
I have an 11 year old niece who is like a daughter to me. 
Hobbies/Interesting Things About You:
An interesting thing about me is one day I want to go on the tv show jeopardy because I love learning & knowing random facts
Tell Us What The Phrase: "Real Women, Real Football, Real ENERGY" means to you:
 "Real women, real football"  means that any woman no matter her age ,race , height, weight, economic status,  career or anything else can be stopped from playing the SAME  football as men.
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