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#4 Jessi Kopp, WR


Position: WR
Date of Birth: 01/28/2016
Height: 5' 5"   Weight: 125 lbs

Educational Background:
Bachelor of Science, Geology, University of St Thomas (Magna Cum Laude)
Master of Science, Geology, University of Texas Austin, [Jackson School of Geosciences], (Highest Honors)
As an undergrad, I studied Miocene lacustrine clastics and carbonates in the transtentional central basin and range. 

As a graduate student, my research focused on quantifying the effects of tectonics on stratigraphic and morphodynamic processes of fluviodeltaic systems in 3D physical models. The primary work of my thesis can be found in the Journal of Basin Research, Volume 27, Issue 4. 

Career Background:
I have worked a multitude of jobs throughout my life, from shoveling horse manure to bartending. In 2013, I began my career with Shell Exploration and Production Co. I am an Exploration Geologist in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico, where I search for hydrocarbons trapped under more than 5 miles of ocean and rock.
My mother, Kim, grew up as a dancer. She owned her own professional studio, which competed very successfully on the National level in tap, jazz, and lyrical forms of dance. She is my number one supporter, and never hesitated to do whatever she could to help me get a good education. She taught me that the best way to navigate life is with passion and perseverance. My father, Mark, is a carpenter with a knack to fix just about anything. His inventiveness and work ethic has always inspired me to keep thinking outside the box and to continually push myself to do better. They currently are retired and live on our ranch. Having them so close is a blessing I appreciate every day.

Hobbies/Interesting Facts:

I enjoy hunting, fishing, and scuba diving. However, I spend nearly all of my spare time raising, training, and showing horses. Since a child, I have always been enthralled by riding, and made competing a big part of my life. I have won multiple World Champion titles in several equestrian associations with my favorite horse, Nova. He is a lifelong partner and family member. He has better shoes, clothes, and health care than I do (no joke!). He enjoys peppermints, light beer, and getting his chin scratched. 

Tell Us What The Phrase: "Real Women, Real Football, Real ENERGY" means to you:

To me, "Real Women, Real Football, Real Real Energy" signifies courage. Society makes it easy to fall victim to mediocrity and get fooled into obeying the norm. The women of the Houston Energy know that it takes physical and mental toughness to achieve your goals regardless of perception.

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