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#30 Suzie Garrett, FB/LB


Position: FB/LB
Date of Birth: 01/28/2016
Height: 5' 6"   Weight: 165 lbs
Resides: Houston, Tx


From:  Waukegan Illinois - Raised in Houston until I was 9 - Whitney Texas from 9-23

Favorite Quote:  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

What Does Real Women Real Football Real Energy Mean To You?  It means that we are real women out here working 9-5, business owners with kids and responsibilities playing the game we love.  We are making sacrifices and grinding hard if not harder than te next.  Some are just playing the game and some of us have a deep passion for the game.  We ultimately want to make positive changes in the community and become role models for the next generation who come after us that want to play the game.  Football isn't just a man sport it's something a woman can do as well.


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