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#34 Epiphany Foster, WR


Position: WR
Date of Birth: 07/11/2000
Height: 5' 3"   Weight: 140 lbs




From:  St. Petersberg Florida

Favorite Quote:  "It's only after you've stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform."

What Does Real Women Real Energy Real Football Mean To You:  Real Women are warriors, leaders, creators, generators, and powerful matriarchs.  Such women come from all different parts of the world and carry themselves with substance, purpose, goals, and dreams to fulfill.  Real woman can be identified as a friend, sister, mother, daughter, colleague, teammate, miece, cousin, and more. Real Women reinforces the value of kindness, honesty, strength, compassion, and love.  Real women are capable of powering through anything and triumph over any obstacles mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, through reciprocity, integrity, admiration, determination for herself and others.

Real Football enables it's players mentally reliefs as an outlet from everyday stress.  It's helps individuals boost self confidence, build resilience, equality and unity in such a male dominate sport.

Real Energy can't be destroyed or created. It's the vitality and intensity we bring as a family, when we come together to achieve a common goal.


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18 Kovi Vanhorn DB
19 Ariane Bailey DB
20 Shantrell Williams LB
21 Meagan Robinson DB
23 Ashlee Flowers RB
24 Shamonee Williams DL
26 Sacoyia Todd DB
28 Kelsey West DB
30 Suzie Garrett FB/LB
31 Giovanni Rakestraw DL/OL
32 Kristyn Aoake LB/DE
33 Alexis Alexander FB/LB
34 Epiphany Foster WR
35 Billette Johnson LB/CB
42 Sonique Middleton DL/OL
43 Carmel Glumac TE/LB
44 Natasha Begay DL/OL
45 Ashley Nichols LB
50 Danielle Smock DL/LB
52 Alice Cain DL/OL
55 Jessica Rivas DL/OL
60 Shareeka Robinson DL/OL
77 Kalli Douma DL/OL
79 Kathryn Chapman DL/OL
81 Kaila Lee FB/LB
83 Melissa Lewis DL
87 Annette Guerrero DL/OL
88 Laresha McClain LB/DE
94 Sholann Ajayi DL
99 Mariah Ybarbo DL/OL

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